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  • Museum and exhibition design
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  • Heritage planning and funding
  • museum planning
  • Exhibition Planning
  • Exhibition Design

Great interpretation is about engaging visitors in their own emotional and intellectual connections to your story and fostering
a dialogue which enhances the experience for both you the “storyteller” and your audience.

We are over 20 years developing, planning and designing some of the most prestigious interpretative experiences in Ireland.
Our clients include government departments, heritage and tourism sites, semi-state corporate bodies, tourism development companies, regional development groups, funding authorities and county councils.


Mentoring, planning and designing some of the most successful and unique cultural tourism destinations and corporate exhibitions for Ireland and the UK...details


Visitor experience and interpretative planning, site assessments, design and exhibition media innovation...details

the art of telling stories

Custom designed workshops on visitor engagement and storytelling for tour guides, delivered at you site...details

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