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Cork Public Museum
Cork City Council

Over the years Scroope Design established a long term relationship with Cork Public Museum, collaborating on a number of temporary exhibitions.
Two of the most significant were Cork Gold and New Roads, New Discoveries in collaboration with the National Roads Authority.

Cork Gold
Her vision and creativity is extremely impressive. I was particularly impressed with her bold use of colour. Ann also quickly understands the brief and very swiftly organises her schedule of work. She never missed a deadline. In fact Ann in her very positive, pleasant manner managed to keep the group involved focused on the project. She was also wonderful in liaising between the main working group and other parties i.e printers, artists etc. Ann is also very easy to work with. Her competence and ability to project manage was a major influence in the success of both of our exhibitions. Cork Public Museum would welcome the opportunity to work with Ann again.
Stella Cherry Curator Manager Cork Public Museum

New Roads New Discoveries
Ann’s role was pivotal and her vision guided the process expertly. Her concepts were discussed openly and her designs perfectly tailored to enhance the agreed aims of the exhibition. Ann’s knowledge of visitor behavior, her aesthetics and design choreography was invaluable in making the exhibition a success, as was her in-trade knowledge of available artists and other service providers. The result was a professional and visually enticing exhibition that seamlessly catered for all age groups, a fact borne out by a subsequent survey of visitor attitudes.
Ken Hanley, NRA Archaeologist, National Roads Office, Cork