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National Museum of Country Life
The Office of public Works / National Museum of Ireland
Gulbenkian Museum of the Year Award 2000

This is a first for many reasons -
First exhibition of folklife artefacts collected by the National Museum of Ireland since the late 1800s
First completely new National Museum for Ireland.
First National Museum to be opened outside of Dublin.
Scroope Design were the first external  dedicated museum designers to be contracted to the National Museum of Ireland.

Working with over 100 specialists in conservation, interpretation, creative arts, marketing and museum management and over 3000 artefacts, Scroope Design designed and project managed the execution of four permanent galleries within a period of twelve months.  

There is no attempt to recreate interiors, a blessing surely since this formula is very tired and rarely successful. Scroope Design can be credited with happily integrating modern media with these quintessentially nostalgic icons without pastiche or sentiment...a quantum leap forward for Irish museums.
Aidan Walsh, Director of the Northern Ireland Museums Council