Nenagh Visitor Centre
Tipperary County Council

This is one of the most exciting projects executed by Scroope Design, not least because of the design itself, but as the project concluded for us, this site has grown to become a cultural focal point of the town used by many interpretative communities for launches, festivals, discussions and exhibitions.

The brief was to design a tourist office. The deliverable is a performance space for the civic character of the town, the ever evolving contemporary cultural of Nenagh people and place to be played out over time.

The interpretative intention is to express and reflect the uniquely creative and diverse character. The interpretation was research led, multilayered and the entire content derived from locality. Each exhibit element addresses a particular aspect of the story of the town, as historic market place, as centre of the lakelands, as home to writers, peace makers, olympians, scientists and innovators.

The design is light, fun and surprising, incorporating work of local artists, sculptors, weavers, musicians, craftspeople and film makers.