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Who is Pearse? commemorative exhibition, 2016
The Office of Public Works

A significant interpretation in the decade of centeneries for Ireland, this permanent exhibition concentrates on presenting a fresh perspective on the life and afterlife of the man P H Pearse. His stories are presented through his own voice set in the context of his own time.
Rather than being a design problem, the basement of St. Enda's Museum was incroporated to full effect in the interpretation.
The warren like arrangement of rooms reinforced the multifaceted character of Pearse and the many different roles he playing in his short life.

Ann helped the Pearse Museum identify its vision in relation to the exhibition, but also challenged and questioned that vision when necessary. Her repeated emphasis on the needs of visitors, particularly visitors with disabilities, was invaluable. She also kept us focused on the idea that unless an exhibition communicates ideas and information clearly, it cannot be considered a success.
Brian Crowley, Curator, Curator.