interpretative design

We fuse space, objects, art, materials, colours, light, sound, voice, language, words, structures
and specialist media to articulate and communicate your story.

We create great visitor experiences.

Drawing from established relationships across museological, academic, creative and engineering expertise,
the creative team is assembled to meet the specific requirements of each commission. 

The following selection illustrates the diversity of commissions executed in partnership with government and state agencies,
museums, universities, military, religious and scientific institutions, cultural and corporate leaders.

select commissions
For a comprehensive list of projects - contact.

  • Nenagh Visitor Centre

    Nenagh Visitor Centre

  • National Herbarium

    National Herbarium

  • National Museum of Country Life

    National Museum of Country Life

  • Kitchen Power, NMI Country Life

    Kitchen Power, NMI Country Life

  • National Arboretum

    National Arboretum

  • Kilmainham Gaol Museum

    Kilmainham Gaol Museum

  • The Pearse Museum

    The Pearse Museum

  • Living Inside, Kilmainham Gaol Museum

    Living Inside, Kilmainham Gaol Museum

  • Cork Public Museum

    Cork Public Museum

  • Presentation Congregation

    Presentation Congregation

  • Design for All

    Design for All

  • St Mary's Collegiate Church

    St Mary's Collegiate Church

  • Youghal Clock Gate Tower

    Youghal Clock Gate Tower

  • Ireland’s Historic Science Centre

    Ireland’s Historic Science Centre

  • Broadcrown Power

    Broadcrown Power

  • Cruachain Aí

    Cruachain Aí

  • Maritime Museum, Passage West

    Maritime Museum, Passage West

  • Boyne Valley Visitor Centres

    Boyne Valley Visitor Centres

  • Louth County Museum

    Louth County Museum

  • Knock Museum

    Knock Museum

  • National Parks and Wildlife Service

    National Parks and Wildlife Service

  • St Audeon’s Church

    St Audeon’s Church

  • Cobh the Queenstown Story

    Cobh the Queenstown Story

  • Mount Stewart Visitor Centre

    Mount Stewart Visitor Centre

  • Ulysses in Hand

    Ulysses in Hand

  • Customs House Dublin

    Customs House Dublin

  • The Guinness Zone

    The Guinness Zone